Time Management Every day I have 86,400 moments (seconds) to have a new thought: about myself; about someone I care about; about a particular issue; to make a better choice; to educate myself; to work on my personal growth; to help someone; to act upon my goals and dreams. Or 86,400 moments to be bitter; gossip about someone; make a caustic remark; be jealous of others; procrastinate; or treat someone I am supposed to care about without honor and love. I struggle daily to use my 86,400 moments wisely as I can never get them back. I struggle to be a better parent, grandmother, friend, leader, servant with my money, and to build a business that is ethical, moral and an example for others. In Matthew 25:21 Jesus said to His servant, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things….”. I fall short every day using my 86,400 moments wisely. But when all is said and done my greatest hope is that I, too, will one day hear those words. The great news for me? Each day I get another 86,400 moments to try again….to make better choices.

Each one of you has the exact same 86,400 moments. If you are on our site I am going to assume you want something different in your life than what you have now. Something better for yourself and those you love and care about. Ladies please understand that ‘Entrepreneurship’ isn’t a title, it’s a description; it’s what we do, it’s what we think, it’s almost the air we breathe. It’s like having another child, creating something new in the world, something that didn’t exist before, and nurturing it to maturity, being there for it in good times and bad. It means the highs and the lows, the celebrations and the sleepless nights when things aren’t going right. It means occasional self-doubt as we wonder if we’re ever going to get it; it means persistence until we do get it. It means self-discipline, with our time (those 86,400 moments) and our other resources; it means taking time to think and plan; and then it means action, putting in the hours of making countless phone calls and visits and many, many meetings where we learn leadership by example. It means doing these things when a part of us would rather be doing other things; it means saying no to those other things, at least today, this time. Tomorrow we may have to make that same choice, again.

Becoming an entrepreneur and building a business means being committed to continual learning….for the rest of your life. We all have the ability to build something great, but it doesn’t happen just because we wish it would. Nothing happens without suffering through the bad, as well as enjoying the good. For those of you with children, it is no different. We aren’t automatically ‘good’ or ‘great’ parents. We make choices every day, on how to handle those thousands of ‘moments’ we will encounter throughout their lives to make the right decisions and responses to the challenges.

We can have anything we want, as long as we are willing to pay the price. What are we buying with our productive effort, time, and self-discipline? Freedom. If freedom was cheap, or easy, people everywhere would be free. I believe you are here because you are looking for change … if you don’t make a change your life will be as it is right now forever. That thought scared me because I was not okay with where I was before my cousin Bob Schmidt asked me if he could help me have a better life. That was over 9 years ago and I have never looked back.

Join the person that cares enough about you to share this incredible opportunity available to all. Together we will all learn how to make better choices, and how to have balance with family and friends in the process with those 86,400 precious moments we all get each and every day.