“In my twelve years in this industry, I have rarely seen a networking talent as powerful as Carolyn Johnson.  She is one of the best at this business.  She is one of the best at creating solid business growth.  She is one of the best at helping others succeed.”

Scott Smith, General Manager of XanGo USA and Canada


“Carolyn Johnson’s influence has impacted thousands, helping them reach their goals in business and life.  Her team stretches around the world and she has been instrumental in recruiting and supporting some of XANGO’s most dynamic leaders.  I am proud to be her friend and business partner.”

Kent Wood, Founder of XanGo and Board Member


“I have had the pleasure of working closely with Carolyn ever since she has been a part of XanGo.  She is one of best leaders in this industry and it has been exciting seeing her business flourish.  She is a very empowering woman and what she has accomplished and will continue to accomplish is remarkable. “

Gary Hollister, Founder of XanGo and CEO Emeritus


 “Carolyn has a passion for business that’s fun and contagious. She’s always brimming with insights and answers and it’s little doubt why she’s such an exciting success story.”

Gordon Morton, Founder of XanGo

 “Carolyn Johnson is a proven leader in Network Marketing and in life.  Carolyn is committed to business success but knows that success is much more satisfying if others are succeeding with her.  She is a shining example to anyone who wants to better themselves while keeping their values intact.”

Robert S. Conlee, President & CEO, XANGO LLC


“Carolyn is an outstanding leader. It is an honor to work with Carolyn Johnson.”

Joe Morton, Founder of XanGo


“Carolyn Johnson is a legend in network marketing.  Both beautiful and personable, Carolyn brings a sense of style and graciousness to a tough profession.  She sets the standard that we all follow.”

Doug Wead, New York Times Bestselling Author and Former Adviser to Two Presidents


“Carolyn Johnson is a true leader in the Networking industry. Her passion for helping others – and helping them help themselves and their loved ones – is legendary. Carolyn has an amazing ability to integrate the “product side” and the “business side” of Networking. She represents a true personal success story in our industry and she is helping others to live the dream.”

Dr. Shawn Talbott, Author and Nutritional Biochemist